Midwest Chapter Unit Leaders And Meeting Schedules

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Meetings will utilize Zoom Conferencing

Each unit meets on different days and times. Guests (non-ALCA members) are welcome to attend up to two unit meetings. Please feel free to contact the ALCA member for your area to find out when and where your next Local meeting will be.

Are you interested in information about starting a unit in your area? Please contact: Maureen Jensen (906) 250-497 mjensencm@gmail.com or Judy Mange (314) 962-9115 mangej@msn.com

Unit Chair(s) - contact info Meeting Schedule
Chicagoland Ann Hollander (847) 868-1445 ann@options4aging.com
Colleen Ceh Becvar (331) 901-5945 colleen@trinityadvocacygroup.com
3rd Wednesday of odd months from 9-10:30 AM CST
Cincinnati Peggy Slade-Sowders (513) 561-0222 pslade-sowders@erslife.org
Central Ohio Jeanna McElroy (614) 887-7750 jeanna@seniorsupportservicesohio.com
Cleveland Bridget Ritossa (440) 476-9534 bridget@careplangcm.com
Indiana Katherine Thompson (260) 918-1141 katherine@forcecarecoordinationplus.com 2nd Tuesday of odd months 10 AM-noon EST
Kansas City Annice Davis White (913) 907-8666 thecaringheart@sbcglobal.net 3rd Thursday of each month 9 AM-10AM CST
Michigan Dina Hurnevich (248) 274-2170 dina@alliancesrcare.com
Gail Lee (313) 281-1334 gail@aplusaging.com
3rd Tuesday of each month 9AM-10AM EST
Minneapolis Jenna Sartorius (651) 452-1512 jennas@ffcorp.com 2nd Thursday of each month 9Am-10AM CST
St. Louis Sharon Gorman (314) 517-5944 sharon@certifiedcm.com 1st Thursday of each month 7:30 AM-9:00AM CST
Unit Leader Committee Maureen Jensen (906) 250-4975 mjensencm@gmail.com
Judy Mange (314) 962-9115 mangej@msn.com
Meetings held quarterly with Unit Leaders on the 4th Th from 9-10 AM EST:
3/25/21; 6/24/21; 9/23/21; 12/23/21