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Benefits of Aging Life Care Managers®

Because of their extensive expertise in all areas of aging, Aging Life Care Professionals® are able to provide a “big picture” outlook of a client’s challenges and the resources needed to address those challenges. Aging Life Care Managers take the time to really understand a client’s current state of health and safety and their extensive network of resources allows them to match the right service provider with the client’s specific needs. Additionally, Aging Life Care Managers provide:

  • Unbiased advice – Aging Life Care Managers do not receive any commissions or payments from the services they recommend. Their recommendations are based solely on companies they know will be able to deliver the services needed to achieve results.
  • Individualized care plans – Each plan of care is designed specifically for each client, taking into account their needs and wants. Does the client want to remain in their home as they age? Is the client taking advantage of all the services and benefits available to them? An Aging Life Care Manager can help ensure the client ages in the way most appropriate to their specific situation.
  • Ongoing monitoring – Once resources have been identified, an Aging Life Care Manager will monitor the care plan to ensure proper execution and implementation. When a service provider, such as home care or assisted living, is recommended, an Aging Life Care Manager will meet with the provider to ensure the service meets the client’s specific needs and follow up to ensure it is being properly delivered.
  • Advocacy – Many older Americans find it difficult to advocate for themselves. An Aging Life Care Manager will accompany clients to medical, legal and financial appointments and ensure their needs are being met, taking the time to be sure all questions are answered and the client understands all the options.
  • Local expertise – This is particularly helpful for adult children away from their elder loved ones. Aging Life Care Managers serve as a caregiver’s “boots on the ground,” helping clients get all the services to which they’re entitled.
  • Cost containment – An Aging Life Care Manager can ensure a client is taking advantage of local, free resources; avoiding a costly duplication of services; and ensuring that unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided.
  • Continuity of care – If a service provider is no longer able to serve, an Aging Life Care Manager can step in to find a replacement. Care managers also coordinate the communications between family members and professional service providers.