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Individual Aging Life Care Professional® Application applies to Advanced Professional, Professional, Associate, and Student Membership Levels. View a complete description of levels and accompanying qualifications.

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Applications can be submitted electronically to [email protected].

Note: A $25.00 application fee is required for all applicants.

Annual Membership Dues

Membership Level     Membership Dues
Advanced Professional
Professional  $349
Associate Level  $299
Emeritus  $109
Student  $59

Dues Structure

Aging Life Care Association® dues payments are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions, but may be deductible as business expenses. Please consult your tax advisor for guidance.

Membership dues based on the calendar year (January – December).

  • Apply and join between January 1st and June 30th, and pay full membership dues. $25 application fee applies. Membership good through December 31st of current year.
  • Apply and join between July 1st and September 30th, and pay ONE-HALF annual dues. $25 application fee applies. Membership good through December 31st of current year.
  • Apply and join between October 1st and December 31st and receive the remainder of the year at no cost with payment of full dues for the incoming year. $25 application fee applies. Membership good through December 31st of incoming year.

Special rates apply to new applicants only; they do not apply to dues renewals.



  • 3-6 Members in one company — 15% discount
  • 7-10 Members in one company — 20% discount
  • 11-25 Members in one company — 25% discount
  • 26+ Members in one company — 30% discount

Additional discounts may apply to practices with more than 40 members. Contact [email protected] for details.


Are you ALCA All In? If your practice uses the multi-member discount and ALL eligible care manager employees are ALCA Members, you are ALCA All In! Complete the ALCA All In agreement statement to receive recognition and added benefits for your commitment to the Aging Life Care profession.


  • A 10% discount applies to all members working for a non-profit agency/organization

In order to qualify for Multi-Member Discounts, all applications and/or renewal invoices must be submitted simultaneously or names of members must be listed on an attached sheet. Discounts ONLY apply to Advanced Professional, Professional, and Associate membership only.

Member-get-a-Member Challenge

Do you know a current ALCA member? Did they suggest you join ALCA? Then don’t forget to list their name on the “referred by” section on the application. When you become a member, we hope you will encourage others to join you too!

Current ALCA members - Learn more about ALCA's Member-get-a-Member Challenge!


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