Webinar: 2015, 11/12: Let's Get Social…Media that Is!

November 12, 2015 Business Webinar: This webinar will review how blogging, social media, and email are cost-efficient, effective tools to support marketing goals and cultivate valuable relationships with your network of families and referral sources. Learn how one care manager harnessed the power of these tools to grow her practice. The goal of this session is to help Aging Life Care Professionals / care managers understand their options in online marketing, the investments required to create and manage a successful program, and then use blogging, social media, and email marketing to grow their businesses. Webinar participants will come away from this presentation with knowledge on how to: Plan and manage a blog that supports your marketing goals as well as enhancing search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing. Develop and manage a social media marketing program that uses LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to promote brand awareness, drive traffic back to your website, and develop ongoing relationships with caregivers, families and referral sources. Develop, manage and deploy an email marketing program utilizing blog content to reach and cultivate your network of families and community referral sources on a regular basis. Presented by: Anne Markowitz Recht, LMSW, CMC and Connie Parsons.
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