Webinar: 2016, 03/24: Alliances in Care Mgmt Landscape

March 24, 2016 Clinical Webinar: How can care managers/Aging Life Care Professionalsÿ capitalize on new business opportunities and partnerships, thrive as clinicians and business owners, and hold true to our code of ethics and standards of practice? This session will explore common dilemmas care managers/Aging Life Care Professionals face as they expand their scope of services. Is combining home care or guardianship with care management unethical? Can I ethically partner with an assisted living facility to serve clients?.............Beginning in 2016, Continuing Education Contact Hours (CEs) will be available for clinical webinars purchased through the Store - post event. This is a trial program and applies only to the webinars sold through the online store and completed before the CE deadline/expiration date..

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