Podcast 2018: Connecting with the Most Important Consumer
Women 45-65 are, in many cases, making healthcare decisions for three generations of their family. They control most purchasing decisions and nearly all caregiving decisions. Connecting with this large and lucrative market is critical to the success of any organization in the caregiving industry. What messages resonate with this powerful group of consumers? How must the caregiving industry change in order to earn the business of these women and those that they care for? How does one connect with this powerful group on social media? This session will reveal how we have reached a critical juncture in our evolution as a society in which we will either continue to devalue the lives of older Americans or embrace the revelation that a moment of life at 90 is every bit as valuable and worthy of support as a moment at 20. The caregiving industry is uniquely positioned to understand, promote, and facilitate needs of older Americans.
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