Podcast:Mindfulness Can Help Professionals/Clients-2016 Conf
2016 Conference General Session: How Mindfulness Can Help Aging Life Care Professionals and Their Clients---Stress abounds in our daily lives. In addition to personal stress, Aging Life Care Professionals often absorb the stress of their clients and vice versa. Stress is contagious! What if there were a miraculous pill that could reduce stress and improve our brain, as well as increase happiness and wellness? And, if this pill was free and without side effects, would you be interested? Not a pill, but a practice, mindfulness, offers all the above benefits and more. The 2,500 year old practices of mindfulness have recently emerged as an evidence-based intervention with proven efficacy for physical, emotional, and mental illnesses. Mindfulness practices can benefit clients, family caregivers, and care managers and provide simple, effective, and proven tools for deescalating stress and improving wellbeing. This didactic and experiential presentation will review mindfulness research and skills, as well as ways to bring mindfulness practices into our lives. Note: Sign in to view member/non-member pricing. Please be sure to select '1' for quantity.
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