Podcast:Myth of Alzheimer's:Stories in Brain Aging-2010 Conf
2010 Conference General Session: The Myth of Alzheimer's: New Stories in Brain Aging Peter J. Whitehouse, MD-Ph.D. As one of the best known Alzheimer's disease (AD) experts in the world and one of America's top doctors, Dr. Whitehouse provides wisdom and guidance honed over his last three decades of clinical practice to current patients with various cognitive conditions, their caregivers, and to all of us who may potentially be affected by labels such as AD and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). The story he tells is enlightening, humanizing, and empowering - it provides us hope about our own aging, urges us to challenge the stigmatizing labels that doctors have been too quick to apply, and inspire us to move forward on our own journey towards older age with a much healthier conception of what it means to grow old.Note: Sign in to view member/non-member pricing. Please be sure to select '1' for quantity.
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