Podcast:Got Bounce? Art of Resilience & Compassion-2015 Conf
2015 Conference General Session: Got Bounce? The Art of Resilience & Compassion. At birth, I think we should all be issued a set of heavy duty shock absorbers with detailed instructions on how and when to use. I know of no one who has been able to avoid the bumps and resultant bruises of life. As human beings, we will experience the highs and lows of life -- and the transitions between the peaks and valleys are rough. It is during the stressful, difficult times that we realize the importance of resilience -- the ability to "bounce back" from adversity. Resilience is not a trait. Rather, it is a process of adaptation. Please join us to explore this important process and identify the various factors contributing to resilience. Life can be shocking to say the very least! Instead of being shattered by the unexpected and the unwanted, we have the ability to choose a response to change. To meet the most daunting challenges of life, we gotta have bounce! Note: Sign in to view member/non-member pricing. Please be sure to select '1' for quantity.
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