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Aging Life Care Management Responds to the Continuing Challenge of Care Coordination

A Conversation with Liz Barlowe, President, Board of Directors, Aging Life Care Association

Care Management Dispatches from the Front Lines

A Conversation with Lisa Mayfield, President, Board of Directors, Aging Life Care Association

Can America’s drug industry lower its prices?

Pharmaceutical companies go up against congressional efforts to close the donut hole.

The Hottest Career Trend of the Decade: Aging Life Care™ Management

One of the hottest career trends in the next decade isn’t found in the tech sector, it can’t be outsourced overseas or automated, and it offers endless possibilities for advancement and satisfaction.

Agency or Independent: Considerations in Hiring

For aging adults with physical and cognitive limitations who wish to remain in the familiar environment of their own home, paid in-home care workers often provide the solution. Understanding the differences in care providers and the roles and obligations of hiring are essential in creating a positive experience for all involved.

Burnout Can Happen to Anyone

Caregiving is difficult and exhausting work. If you don’t take time to set limits on what you can do and when, and create balance in your life, you may begin to suffer from a condition called “burnout.”

Six Hidden Costs to Caring for An Aging Parent

Caregiving for an aging loved one isn’t all doom and gloom. The rewards of caregiving are real, but so are the hidden costs.

Is it OK to Lie to Your Aging Parent?

From our earliest days we are taught never to lie, especially never to our mother or father. However, a survey of Aging Life Care™ experts reveals that telling a “fiblet” can actually be therapeutic when telling painful truths to aging parents with a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Role of Aging Life Care Managers in Estate Planning

With the increased number of older adults in our society and the changing landscape of family systems, there is a growing need for an estate planning team to include the professionals who can make client-specific recommendations related to healthcare – Aging Life Care Managers™ (also known as geriatric care managers).


The Value of Working with an Aging Life Care Professional

Here is a downloadable flyer highlighting the results from the second phase of the Florida Chapter Research on the value of services as viewed by the “responsible party” authorized to pay for Aging Life Care™ services on behalf of an individual.

When Your Parent has Dementia, Is Lying Ever OK?

Is it ever right to lie to a parent who has dementia*? It’s a question nearly all families struggle with during the course of the disease. We’d probably all agree that in most cases, telling the truth is best. But honesty is not a black and white matter in dementia care – it is wrapped in shades of gray.

Six Steps to Living Well While Caring for Aging Parents

A reminder may be in order that equilibrium is the key to living well as we divide our time among the needs of our parents, children, partners, jobs, and ourselves. The pull to care, or over care, often knocks that balance of its feet. Download a copy of this eBook and discover six steps that will help bring balance back to your life as a caregiver.

Planning for the Care You Need at Home

This e-book covers some of the aspects of getting care when the time comes, how to get that help, and how your family can arrange for help when you might not be able to make some decisions for yourself. It shares stories to demonstrate and bring to life these issues.

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Sibling Relationships and Older Parents


As adult children age many unresolved conflicts are swept under the carpet and avoided.  Often with parents as buffers, and contact limited, relationships remain stable. All this can change when adult children must share the task of caring for an aging parent. When the focus becomes their own unresolved conflicts, this can interfere with the … Continue reading Sibling Relationships and Older Parents

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“Home” for the Holidays? Common Signs Your Older Loved One May Need Help


This year the holidays and holiday gatherings will look a bit different for most of us because of the pandemic. Experts advise us to stay home and limit our in-person celebrations to those living in our immediate household. Observing the holidays with loved ones outside our household will likely take place virtually or physically distanced. … Continue reading “Home” for the Holidays? Common Signs Your Older Loved One May Need Help

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Eldercare as Art and Ministry – combining life’s passions


Aging Life Care Association® members are distinguished for their high qualifications, adherence to standards of practice, and a drive to care for older adults. And it is this distinction as an Aging Life Care Manager® that separates them from people who are geriatric care managers. And one such notable member is Irene V. Jackson-Brown, Ph.D., … Continue reading Eldercare as Art and Ministry – combining life’s passions

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