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Beginning in 1990, The Journal of Aging Life Care™ is published twice a year. 2020 marks its debut as a peer-reviewed journal containing in-depth articles and case studies on clinical topics as well as business topics vital in educating Aging Life Care Managers on the latest trends, best practices, and research in the field.

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In May 2015 the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) changed its name to Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA). The profession of “Geriatric Care Management,” as defined by this organization, was changed to the Aging Life Care™ profession and its practitioners “Aging Life Care Professionals®. The use of the phrases “Aging Life Care” and “geriatric care management” on these pages share the same meaning.

Copyright notice
All articles published in Inside ALCA (formerly Inside NAPGCM) and the Journal of Aging Life Care™ are the property of ALCA and protected by US and international copyright laws. Except as provided herein, no publication, reproduction, or reprinting of these articles is allowed without the express written permission of ALCA. Notwithstanding the foregoing, permission is hereby given for members of ALCA to access and download these articles for the legitimate pursuit of their personal research, study, teaching, or practice. Members may also share articles with colleagues in the Aging Life Care™/geriatric care management field, on an occasional, non-systematic, and individualized basis. No commercial use may be made of these articles, nor may they be posted to any website, including discussion forum. Under no circumstances may copyright notices or other means of identification in an article be removed or altered.

Journal 2021 Editorial Board


Kaaren Boothroyd | Tucson, AZ


Kim Evanoski, EdD, CMC, MPA, LMSW | Ithaca, NY
Karla Lindeen, BS, MBA, CMC | Palm Harbor, FL
Phyllis Lindsay, BSN, RN | Plymouth, MA
Jean Llamas MSN, RN, CCM, ACM-RN, NCG, CDP, BCPA | Algonquin, IL


Linda M. Distlerath, PhD, JD | Bluffton, SC
Veneilya A. Harden, MA, EdD | Albany, NY
Lenard W. Kaye, DSW, PhD | Bangor, ME
Karen Knutson, MSN, MBA, RN | Bryn Mawr, PA
Rebecca Montano, PhD, MBA, CRC, CCM, CMC, CDP, CMDCP | La Jolla, CA

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Founder’s Story: Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance


At the very heart of Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance (PMD Alliance) is a deep desire to meet people where they are at in their movement disorder journey. We roll up our sleeves, hold your hand and remind you that you will not walk alone. Whether you’re someone living with a movement disorder, or a … Continue reading Founder’s Story: Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance

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The Power of Breath


I have always been fascinated with the power of breath. We carry it with us at all times. We breathe somewhere around 20,000 breaths every day. Most of us barely give our breath any thought at all. Yet how we breathe can have everything to do with our health and well-being. Try it for yourself: … Continue reading The Power of Breath

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Overcoming Technology Hurdles to Sign up for the COVID-19 Vaccine


While the COVID-19 vaccine has been available for several months – there are still many adults who have yet to receive their first dose. Aging Life Care Association Corporate Partner CandooTech offers technology solutions for seniors and their families, and has some initial tips to aid those still looking at, or beginning to consider vaccination. … Continue reading Overcoming Technology Hurdles to Sign up for the COVID-19 Vaccine

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