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The Life Care Management Handbook

Life Care Management book coverThe Life Care Management Handbook is a comprehensive manual for anyone currently working or aspiring to work in the field of Life Care Management. Packed with information including common challenges and practical solutions, resources, and helpful information for managing complex situations. A powerful resource to help improve client satisfaction and build a solid foundation for greater outcomes. Features include practical skills for establishing and maintaining a life care management practice, a comprehensive review of common situations involving the life care manager & solutions for improved outcomes, resources, strategies, and tools to assist the life care professional so they can grow in the field of care management, a road map to equip the care manager to be successful in their practice, and tips for designing a sustainable & successful practice using a collaborative model.

Written by Certified Life Care Planners Jennifer Crowley and Shanna Huber, with 38 guest contributors.

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RAZ Memory Cell Phone

RAZ Phone ScreensThe objective of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone is to provide individuals the ability to stay connected with family past the time at which they otherwise could with a normal phone.

Simplicity is everything. Users are limited to one screen. The screen has pictures of contacts with names underneath. To place a call, the user presses a picture. That’s it.

The phone can be managed from afar by the care partner through an online portal or an app on the care partner’s own phone. For example, the care partner remotely manages the contacts that appear on the RAZ Memory Cell Phone. The care partner can use the app to send the senior reminders, receive text message alerts when the battery is low and much more!

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