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Are you looking for more than just a ”J-O-B”? Have you considered becoming an Aging Life Care Professional? As our population ages, the demand for trained, skilled Care Managers is rising. Like most jobs, education, experience, and credentials are necessary, but at ALCA, your passion, vision, and desire to help others is celebrated. Aging Life Care Professionals are independent business owners; others work for larger practices. Still others are part of a state or local agency that supports our elderly populations. Perhaps you are considering a career transition, or you just want to have more direct impact, becoming an Aging Life Care Professional may be your solution.

ALCA offers educational opportunities and business development resources that are tailored to meet the needs of our members. We provide access to a nationwide network of peers, as well as regional connections to other like-minded individuals. Now, we even offer a curated Job Board where you can see positions available around the country.

You bring the education, the experience, the passion, and let ALCA help you build or expand a rewarding career. If you would like to speak with an experienced Aging Life Care Professional, please contact us at [email protected] to be connected with a volunteer career counselor.

For Academic Institutions

An ALCA Academic Partner is a non-voting industry supporter of ALCA that is not in the direct practice of Aging Life Care/care management as defined by ALCA, but is an accredited educational institution providing academic programs in a field or fields related to Aging Life Care™ / care management, including but not limited to counseling, gerontology, mental health, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, or social work. Individual and Institutional Partnerships available. Institutional Partnerships may include up to three representatives.

With the influx of Aging Life Care/geriatric care management certificate programs, both online and provided by brick-and-mortar institutions of learning, ALCA believes that uniformity of purpose is vital to develop Aging Life Care Professionals of tomorrow.

In response to requests by many academic communities for assistance, ALCA has adapted recommended core competencies set forth by the Partnership for Health in Aging (PHA) for academic communities in the process of developing Aging Life Care/geriatric care management programs. The recommendations with added core competencies may be found on our Recommendations for Academic Communities page.

Aging Life Care / Care Management Articles

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Deborah Liss Fins, LICSW, CMC, ALCA Member and Fellow of the Leadership Academy

For the latest news in Aging Life Care, please visit the ALCA Newsroom.


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