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"Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate." - Michael Leavitt

ALCA is here for you and we are committed to serving our members and those who need Aging Life Care services during this difficult time. In an effort to help we’ve compiled these pertinent resources for our members.

Aging Life Care Managers & Essential Workers

With the imminent roll-out of a COVID-19 Vaccine, there is much discussion around who will be given priority. And similar to the discussion of Aging Life Care Managers® as Essential Workers, members are determining where they may fall in vaccination order.

Aging Life Care Managers work with a vulnerable population and are essential to their clients, yet Aging Life Care management is not practiced uniformly, so it is impossible to offer a blanket statement or policy on vaccine prioritization. Because the scope of work is unique to each member, we recognize that many Aging Life Care Managers may provide more direct, hands-on-care than others.

ALCA has developed a letter template to assist members who may need to individually advocate for a prioritized vaccine. With prioritization and distribution determined by individual state and local authorities, please research your local government’s protocols and language. While we consider the work of Aging Life Care Managers essential for their clients, we acknowledge there are other front-line workers who may warrant priority for this vaccine.

To make a case for prioritization, refer to your state’s definition of an essential worker. If defined as such, you might include the following in an appeal:

  • work with a vulnerable population
  • go into facilities, hospitals, and doctors with them (and/or to assess the client or provide services)
  • can be an essential link between the families who are either long-distance or separated from others due to quarantine measures

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