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Academic Partners

An Academic Partner is a non-voting industry supporter of ALCA that is not in the direct practice of Aging Life Care/care management as defined by ALCA, but is an accredited educational institution providing academic programs in a field or fields related to Aging Life Care™ / care management, including but not limited to counseling, gerontology, mental health, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, or social work. Individual and Institutional Partnerships available. Institutional Partnerships may include up to three representatives.

All of ALCA's Academic Partners can be found on the Find an Academic Partner search feature.

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Aging Life Care / Geriatric Care Manager Curricula Recommendations

With the influx of Aging Life Care / Geriatric Care Management certificate programs, both online and traditional, ALCA believes that uniformity of purpose is vital to develop Aging Life Care Professionals / Geriatric Care Managers of tomorrow.

In response to requests by many academic communities for assistance, ALCA has adapted recommended core competencies set forth by the Partnership for Health in Aging (PHA) for academic communities in the process of developing geriatric care management programs.

View the recommendations with added core competencies