Fellow's Leadership Academy

Join the highly respected Fellows of the Leadership Academy and be recognized as an advanced practitioner and expert in the field. As a Fellow, you will be highlighed among this elite group of Aging Life Care Managers on a dedicated page on aginglifecare.org; as well be listed FIRST in results of a Find an Aging Life Care Expert® search.

To qualify, you must meet the following Fellow Criteria:

Fellow Criteria

Fellows are those Aging Life Care Professionals® who have made a significant contribution to ALCA on both a National and Local Level. In order to qualify as a Fellow, you must meet the criteria below:

  1. Ten (10) years of ALCA membership at the Professional level or higher.
  2. Holds one of the four-ALCA recognized certifications while maintaining membership at the Advanced level for a minimum of six (6) years.
  3. Active participation at the National or Chapter level, with a minimum of 40 points overall from a combination of four (4) or more of the categories below:
Involvement National Chapter* Local Unit*
Officer 3 3 2
Board Member 2 2 0
Chair Committee, Task Force or Sub-Committee 2 2 1
Chair Conference Committee 3 3 2
Member of Committee, Task Force or Sub-Committee 1 1 1
Conference Speaker** 2 2 1
Webinar Presenter** 2 2 0
Publication of Article related to Aging Life Care / Care Mgmt*** 1 1 1
ALCA Book Reviews 0.5 0 0
ALCA White Papers or E-Books 2 0 0
Speaker at Community Event on
topic related to Care Management for a minimum of 1 hr**&****
0 1 1
Mentor a New Member (8 hours)***** 2 2 2
Moderate Aging Life Care Case Conference* 0.5 0.5 0

*Chapter/Local Unit work must be verified by Chapter President/Local Unit Chair

**Brochure and written material need to be submitted with application

***Article needs to be submitted, minimum of 500 words

****Presentation must be aimed at furthering the goals and Mission of ALCA, not a marketing event

*****Completed Mentoring Verification Form must be submitted with application

4. Renewal is made on an annual basis. A Fellow is expected to continue making significant contributions to ALCA. As part of this contribution, a minimum of two (2) points, based on the chart above, are required each year to renew Fellowship status.

Annual Fellows Dues are $449 with a one-time application fee of $150.

Fellow Application (Word Document)