ALCA Member InstaPOLL!

Beginning 2013, ALCA (formerly NAPGCM) introduced a new tool to support the work of our committees and board of directors in meeting the goals of the Strategic Plan – called the “InstaPOLL.”

The purpose of the InstaPOLL is to quickly gauge the experiences of ALCA members on a range of timely topics.

The InstaPOLL helps our leadership, committees, chapters, and members know what’s on our members' minds. The results are also used to raise awareness about our profession and our views on important and timely topics.

The response time is limited to a 24-48 hour time period. Individual replies are not identified in any way to assure privacy and encourage broad participation among the membership.

Polling subject matter may concern advice for the public, public policy, ethics, business, education, membership, or events in the news. It is not the intent to ask questions about practice finances or other potentially sensitive topics.

Results may be used in press releases, interviews, public policy activity, publications, or presentations.

The results are not intended to represent the views of all members, but rather to take a real-time reading of opinions on a given topic.

Results are only as good as the volume of responses.

What should you do as an ALCA member?

When you receive an email with an InstaPOLL you will know that we need your response immediately. Each InstaPOLL will be very short and indicate the exact deadline for your response.

We will keep membership up to date on results and use of collected information.

Thanks in advance for your interest and participation in the ALCA Member InstaPOLL!!