Advertising Opportunities

Who is Your Audience When You Advertise with ALCA?

The Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) is made up of 1,300 unique Aging Life Care™ companies – each with an average of 3 full-time Aging Life Care Professionals®. That’s 4,000 professionals under our association umbrella.

Each professional comes into contact with at least 40 clients per year – that’s 160,000 clients reached by our members.

Our survey reveals that each one of those clients, on average, has 5 family, friends, and professionals involved in their care and decision-making. That’s 800,000 unique individuals that our members directly or indirectly touch.

What does this mean to you? Not all referral sources are equal!

A referral from an ALCA MEMBER means that you get a qualified lead, the right kind of client with the right kind of need who can afford to pay for services.

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Current Opportunities

Save the date for the 41st Annual Conference in Boston, MA – April 23-25, 2025

Advertise in the next issue of Inside ALCA | Place an Ad in a Series of e-flash Newsletters | Sponsor an Educational Webinar


When you sponsor or advertise with ALCA, you reach the decision-makers for thousands of aging adults, their families, and circles of professional support.

Inside ALCA Magazine

Inside ALCA, a members only magazine published three times a year - Spring (electronic only), Summer (print and electronic), and Fall/Winter (electronic only) - and features ALCA News, including Board Reports, Chapter News, Event Updates, and more. Electronic ad includes live links to your website. Issues are also archived on our website.

Inside ALCA Submission Deadlines
Issue 1 - Spring: March 3
Issue 2 - Summer: May 19
Issue 3 Fall/Winter: October 6
Inside ALCA Ad Space 1x 2x 10% off 3x 20% off
Full Page*
8-1/2 x 11”
(Member or Partner/Non-Member)
$750/$1,000 $1,350/$1,800 $1,800/$2,400
1/2 Page
7-1/2 x 4-1/2”
Member or Partner/Non-Member)
$450/$600 $810/$1,080 $1,080/$1,440
1/4 Page
3-1/2 x 4-1/2”
Member or Partner/Non-Member)
$350/$400 $630/$720 $840/$960
Business Card Ad
Member or Partner/Non-Member)
$150/$200 $270/$360 $360/$480

Ad Rates Based on One Year (12 month) Contract

*Add 10% for guaranteed inside front or back page placement

Ad specifications: High resolution PDF, JPEG, TIF, or EPS files. (If EPS, please ensure that all text is converted to outlines.)

“e-flash” Newsletter

ALCA’s e-flashes are emails featuring timely news that is relevant, welcomed, and valued by our membership. Open rates are consistently high.

Your e-flash ad is:

  • 500 pixels wide by 175 pixels tall*
  • Updated as necessary to coincide with your event schedule or other needs
  • Shared with a maximum of two other sponsors, maximizing your presence and visibility
  • Includes a live link to your website

*subject to change

File Formats: GIF or JPG (animated GIFs are not accepted)

File Size: 1MB or less

Insertion Dates: Sponsorship ads must be submitted two weeks prior to preferred “go-live” date.

e-flash Newsletter 3 insertions 6 insertions 9 insertions 12 insertions
Member Price $399 $762 $1,098 $1,392
Non-Member Price $589 $1,120 $1,614 $2,046

Webinar Sponsor

ALCA’s Business and Clinical webinars provide Aging Life Care Professionals with educational presentations that meet their unique needs, and they’re convenient and affordable. This is an advertising opportunity only; sponsors do not contribute to the content or topic.

Your sponsorship benefits include:

  • Logo and written recognition in promotions preceding webinars to 2,000 ALCA members and hundreds of non-members
  • Logo recognition on the official ALCA webinar web page with links back to your website
  • Sponsorship support recognition and brief company description at the beginning of each webinar presentation
  • Sponsorship support recognition in post-webinar materials, as available, that are cataloged for use by members throughout the year
  • Upon approval of ALCA, webinar sponsors may also issue a press release announcing their support of ALCA education initiatives
Webinar Sponsorship 1x 2x 3x 4x
Member/Partner Price $600 $1,000 $1,400 $1,800
Non-Member Price $1,000 $1,800 $2,520 $3,240

For more information, contact ALCA at 520.881.8008 or email [email protected].

New Opportunities for ALCA Corporate Partners Only

Video Ad

Your Informational Video Advertisement to be inserted into one e-flash newsletter (60 seconds maximum)

Video Ad 1 Insert
Member or Partner Price $1,000

Direct Mail Opportunity

Want to get your message directly to our ALCA members? We are offering our Members and Partners the opportunity to include your marketing flyer into our annual dues renewal mailing.

Insert Ad Specs:

  • maximum size 3.75” x 8.25” and maximum paper weight 80lb
  • send 1800 copies (2000 copies to include ALCA partners) of your ad insert to ALCA no later than November 2nd
Dues Insert 1 Insert
Member or Partner Price $750

for products and services related to long term care

50% can afford $2,000+/month

30% can afford $5,000+/month

20%+ can afford $10,000+/month

Numbers based on sample survey of ALCA membership