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The ALCA® Florida Chapter is a not-for-profit organization of practitioners whose goal is to advance the dignified care of Florida seniors, the elderly, and their families.

ALCA® Florida Chapter is dedicated to promoting the professional field of care management by training, assisting, regulating, educating, and supporting qualified care managers who provide a full range of services to aging individuals, their families, and caregivers.

Our goal is to provide comfort and improve the quality of life for the elderly while relieving the stress from caring families. The vision of ALCA® Florida Chapter is to be the experts in aging well and to be recognized as the dynamic organization promoting excellence in the practice of professional care management.

ALCA® Florida Chapter (formerly Florida Geriatric Care Managers Association) began in 1993 and continues to impact the field of human services by encouraging independence and autonomy of frail elders. The association and its members strive to ensure that the highest quality and most cost-effective health and human services are used when and where appropriate.

Research Study on The Value of Aging Life Care® Professionals

Improves quality of life viewed as health care professional assists with critical and routine health care matters

We are EXCITED to share some of the highlights of ALCA® Florida Chapter’s groundbreaking Phase 1 research study results published in Professional Case Management, Vol. 18, No. 6, 286-292, The Role and Contributions of Geriatric Care Managers Care Recipients’ Views authored by Judith Ortiz, PhD, MBA and Mary Ann Horne, MHA.

“With the Affordable Care Act’s emphasis on continuity of care, prevention of illness, and cost-savings, the GCM profession is poised to play a larger role in coming years.” If you think our clients had great things to say about our expertise and contribution to their lives, wait until we survey our client's responsible parties! Stay tuned for details as Phase 2 of our research project will begin soon and we need all of our members to participate.


The respondents most frequently described the role of their GCMs as one of a health care professional. More than half described the GCM as an advisor and/or advocate.

88% respondents reported that the GCM would be among the first contacts they would make in case of a health care emergency.

83% responded that they would request the GCM’s assistance after returning home from a hospital inpatient stay.

71% reported their GCMs assist with discussions during their Doctor’s appointments, and 85% reported that they assist in the discussions with doctors, nurses and other health care professionals during a hospital stay.

Survey respondents indicated that their GCMs greatly improve the quality of their lives.


The survey respondents indicated a strong, positive feeling about the value of the GCM in their lives.

The GCM is seen as a friend and someone who provides great comfort.

GCMs are viewed as health care professionals by their clients rather than social workers even when they have a social work background.

GCMs appear to be very valuable in assisting their clients with critical health-related situations, as well as with more routine health care matters.

Not only are GCMs called upon to assist with health care emergencies and their clients’ hospital stays, they also appear to serve an important role in facilitating physician-patient communications during the care recipient’s routine visits to the Doctor’s office.

We welcome members to join ALCA® Florida Chapter’s Public Policy & Research Committee, please contact Mary Ellen Brown or Liz Barlowe for more information.

ALCA® Florida Chapter Phase 2 research surveying care management client’s responsible parties coming soon!