Events, Advertising, Sponsorship and other Opportunities

Can I advertise in your publications? Who do I talk to?

For information regarding our Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities, click here. If you have any additional questions, please contact ALCA at 520.881.8008 or email jwagner@aginglifecare.org.

What educational programs does ALCA offer and when are they scheduled?

To view ALCA programs, please visit our Education Central Button on the website. Education Central is your one-stop-shop for all ALCA Offerings. Among many offerings, ALCA hosts one annual conference each spring, 8 educational webinars (Business and Clinical), and 1 business teleconference series each year. Continuing Education hours are provided for live clinical webinars. For additional event schedules and pricing please visit the Events Calendar .

Where can I find schedules for conferences and events?

To view ALCA events, please visit Education Central on the website. Education Central is your one-stop-shop for all ALCA Offerings. You may also visit our Events Calendar. You may search for calendar items by category or subject.

Does ALCA offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities at events?

A full array of advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available for the ALCA annual conference. Additional advertising information is available on our Sponsorship Opportunities page. You may also contact Julie Wagner at jwagner@aginglifecare.org.

Who should I contact about ALCA Chapter events?

Information about ALCA Chapter events is available on each chapter’s website, as well as the events calendar on the National website. To view events on the chapter websites, please visit the Regional Chapters page, and select a chapter. If you would like to see events on the National event calendar, please visit the Events Calendar.

What is the speaker acceptance process for the annual conference?

A Call for Speaker Proposals is made approximately 6 months before our annual conference (held April/May). Information and Proposal Forms are placed on our event calendar. For more information regarding proposals, please email meetings@aginglifecare.org Proposals are usually geared to the following areas: Clinical, Business, Ethics/Legal.