Communities and Social Media

Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA) reaches members and beyond through active social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Via private discussions, social media give members another channel for networking and access to resources and referrals. At the same time, our public pages focus attention on the work of our members and give audiences a place to find professionals in their community. 

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ALCA Member Listserv

The ALCA Listserv offers access to immediately post questions and respond in a members-only environment. The Member Listserv is a quick and easy way to bounce ideas off of your colleagues, ask tough questions, refer, and get referrals. “Best of the Listserv” is featured in the Inside ALCA Magazine, log in to view past issues.

Are you already an ALCA Member? Contact the ALCA Office to subscribe to the Member Listserv.

ALCA LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations and is used for professional networking. LinkedIn is a great place to make professional connections with referral sources, such as elder law attorneys, accountants, bank trust officers, community groups, etc.

LinkedIn features thousands of interest “groups” – ranging from topical interests to specific company, school, and professional affiliations. ALCA opened its first group in 2009 and currently manages four groups. With so many groups and interests, this feature can be confusing.

ALCA Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that allows people to set up profiles for themselves, businesses, and interest groups. Facebook offers the opportunity to share photos, memories, events, and status updates with friends, family, and followers.

Follow the Aging Life Care Association’s public Facebook page for news and event announcements. Current members of the Aging Life Care Association can join the private group for discussion, events, and networking.

ALCA Twitter

Twitter is an information sharing platform that allows members to update their followers with 140-character statuses. Twitter is an excellent source for breaking news, topical information, and networking with professionals and businesses that interest you.

Follow ALCA’s Twitter for event announcements, news involving our members and corporate partners, and aging information.

ALCA Pinterest

Pinterest is a curation website that allows users to save and share pictures and articles on “boards” that the user creates. Pinterest is a great resource for brainstorming, content curation, and browsing new ideas.

Follows ALCA’s Pinterest page for caregiving advice, infographics on dementia, and healthy aging ideas.

ALCA Instagram

Instagram is a picture sharing platform that allows users to share images with an explanatory caption. It allows users to follow businesses and people that interest them, keeping the users up to date on events, accomplishments, and announcements.

Follow ALCA’s Instagram for expert advice, event photos, and blog posts.

ALCA YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can post videos from events, or ones they recorded themselves. YouTube is an excellent source for interviews from professionals on aging and other topics.

Follow ALCA’s YouTube page for interviews with Aging Life Care Professionals® as they discuss aging well and the value of working with an Aging Life Care Manager™.