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35th ALCA Conference Keynote Speaker: On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer's with Greg O'Brien

At the 2017 Aging Life Care Association® annual conference, members were asked, why they are Aging Life Care Professionals.

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At the 2015 Aging Life Care Association™ annual conference, members shared examples of the broad range of skills and services Aging Life Care Professionals® employ when working with clients.

Aging Life Care Professional® Amy O'Rourke, MPH, NHA, CMC shares how she thinks creatively on the spot to help her clients feel comfortable and accepting of Aging Life Care™ services. #AgingWell

From dating advice to assisted living, Aging Life Care Professional® Debbie Feldman, MSW, LCSW, CMC of Buffalo Grove, Illinois shares how she helped her client find quality of life during his last years. In turn, she found a good friend.

Aging Life Care Association® Members on End of Life
Aging Life Care Professionals® not only ensure quality of care and an optimal life for their clients but also help clients plan for the end of life. ALCA Member Lisa Laney, MSW, CMC of Asheville, NC shares how she worked closely with and advocated for her client's specific death wishes. Laney helped her client navigate a complex legal, ethical, and emotional journey.

Aging Life Care Association® Members on Letting Family Be Family
When a Santa Fe couple needed help finding the right assisted living community - and they didn't want to burden their children - they turned to Aging Life Care Professionals® for help. Jeffrey S. Pine, MS. MSPH, CMC and Lydia Sckalor, RN helped find the right community that met the differing needs of the couple.

ALCA Member Crystal Littlejohn, MHSA, CMC, CSA of Peoria, AZ shares how she helped an adult daughter manage the care of a resistant mother with dementia. The daughter had no idea how much her father had hidden about her mother's illness. Today, the mother and daughter enjoy a strong relationship thanks to the expertise of an Aging Life Care Professional™.

Aging Life Care Association® Members on Finding Solutions
ALCA Member Kate Granigan, MSW, LICSW, CASWCM of Hingham, MA, shares that finding solutions for her clients is what drives her work. "We don't have to say 'no.' We say 'how'."

Aging Life Care Association® Members on Making a Difference
Aging Life Care Professional® Steve Barlam, MSW, LCSW, CMC shares how his creative solutions helped a daughter honor her mother's wishes by keeping her father living safely at home.

Aging Life Care Association Members on Relationships:
Aging Life Care Association® Member Gretchen Napier, BS, MS, CMC shares that her work as an Aging Life Care Professional® allows families to focus on their relationship and time with loved ones, rather than the stress and drama of challenging situations. #AgingWell

Aging Life Care Professional® Connie McKenzie, RN, CMC of Ft. Lauderdale, FL shares the inspirational story of a 100 year-old client, who with the help from care managers, continued trips to Paris and Jamaica until the age of 105.

Aging Life Care Association® Members on Keeping Clients Out of the Hospital
ALCA Member Anne Sansevero, RN, AGNP, MA, CCM of New York, New York shares the importance of managing the care of her clients across the continuum. By visiting her client regularly, she was able to notice and treat symptoms early resulting in keeping her client out of the hospital for 7 years. #AgingWell


Faced with the challenge of bringing comfort and safety to one client meant juggling multiple issues – hoarding, guardianship, social services, power of attorney, estranged family, and a beloved cat. Aging Life Care Professional® Byron Cordes, MSW, LCSW, CASWCM shares how his team made it happen, all the while keeping attorneys, doctors, and family members in the loop.

Aging Life Care Association® Members on Trust and Honor

Aging Life Care Professional® Karen Wasserman, MSW, LICSW, CASWCM of Newton, MA shares that the relationship between an Aging Life Care™ Manager and a client is often more than just home or medical care management. In this story, Ms. Wasserman tells how she helped Gertrude - a Holocaust survivor - find peace in life by making a special gift to the Holocaust Museum.

Aging Life Care Association® Members on Overcoming Challenges and Resistance

A fiercely independent aging adult resisting help is challenging in itself. But combined with an Alzheimer's diagnosis, safety concerns, and family at a distance, this Aging Life Care Professional® had to be persistent and creative in her approach. Here, Aging Life Care Professional Amy Natt, MS, CSA, CMC describes how over time she was able to calm her client's anger, fear, and mistrust and build a relationship of trust, comfort, and compassion.