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Looking for Aging Life Care Services

Look for Aging Life Care Services

If you are looking for expert assistance in caring for a family member, friend, or yourself, this site will help you learn about Aging Life Care Professionals – a partner to help you make the best decisions and deliver the best solutions for you and your loved one as they age. It’s a holistic approach – that respects your values, preferences, and resources.

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Helpful Quick Links

Helpful Quick Links

Welcome to the Aging Life Care Association website. We invite you to browse our pages to learn more about Aging Life Care, and Aging Life Care Professional. In this section, we have provided a few Quick Links to help guide you.

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Information on Careers & Membership

Information on Careers & Membership

If you are considering a career in Aging Life Care or are ready to join ALCA, this site provides information on the profession, certification, and membership categories and applications. Our Mission: Leading the community of aging life care professionals through education, professional development, and the highest ethical standards.

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For Professional Referral Sources

For Professional Referral Sources

If you are working with a client who needs a broader scope of services, contact a member of ALCA to ensure finding a professional with the expertise and experience to provide appropriate support, resources, and services. Our members subscribe to the highest standards of practice and code of ethics.

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Aging Life Care News

  • Understanding Home Care Options for Alzheimer's Disease

    January 30, 2017
    Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia typically requires the help of those outside a patient’s circle of loved ones and friends, especially as the disease progresses. And while their loved one’s disease is still in the mild to moderate stages, many families may opt for in-home care over a residential care environment.

  • Aging Life Care Association® Names New Chief Executive Officer

    January 11, 2017

    Aging Life Care Association®
    The Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA) announces the hiring of Thomas A. Kube as Chief Executive Officer. Kube steps in after long-time CEO Kaaren Boothroyd retired at the end of 2016. Boothroyd lead the association for ten years.

  • How to ease the pain of paying for elder care

    December 23, 2016

    CBS News
    Almost $7,000 a year. That’s what the average American family caregiver spends each year on household, medical and other expenses for a loved one. That’s according AARP’s Family Caregiving and Out-of-Pocket Costs: 2016 Report.


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Aging Life Care Blog

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Managing Crisis Situations: One Aging Life Care Professional’s Story


aging crisis, long-distance caregiving, care management

What happens when your aging father dies and you discover he’s been covering up your mother’s dementia and declining health? Add to that…you live three states away. What do you do? Who could possibly understand the crisis  you have uncovered? And who can help? Help! My Father Died and He was Hiding my Mother’s Dementia Here … Continue reading Managing Crisis Situations: One Aging Life Care Professional’s Story

The post Managing Crisis Situations: One Aging Life Care Professional’s Story appeared first on Aging Life Care Association.

Six Tips for Aging Travelers


tips for traveling with older people

Just because someone’s reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean they can no longer travel. Traveling with aging loved ones just take a little more planning and preparation. These tips for aging travelers will make traveling and vacationing more comfortable and less stressful for all involved. There’s No Age Limit on Travel By Patricia Charles, … Continue reading Six Tips for Aging Travelers

The post Six Tips for Aging Travelers appeared first on Aging Life Care Association.

Challenging Aging Life Care Needs


Aging Life Care Managers Find Solutions to Challenging Aging Life Care Questions

The long-term care journey is confusing. As a spouse, family member, or concerned neighbor of an aging loved one you may feel overwhelmed by the role of caregiver or decision-maker.  And if you were placed in this role as a result of an emergency health crisis or due to an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis, the questions … Continue reading Challenging Aging Life Care Needs

The post Challenging Aging Life Care Needs appeared first on Aging Life Care Association.

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